Therapy with Kids

Sometimes it's hard to be a kid

I have worked with a lot of children in my years as a therapist and before that as an elementary school teacher. Many who have a hard time adjusting to a new way of life. Whether that be starting school, making friends (or losing them), getting a new sibling, or something else. There are also kids who just do not know how to express themselves in a way that their parent(s) or another adult can understand them. This can include emotional outbursts, negative behaviors, or more!

I work with the following diagnoses or situations:

If your child is experiencing a situation or diagnosis that is not listed above, please inquire as to whether I work with those particular instances. There are some diagnoses and situations that I would not be the right therapist for.

When working with a child - their parent is an active part of treatment, as we are a team working toward our goals. This means that after every three individual sessions with the child we will have a parent only session to discuss progress.