Help for Parents

Who said being a parent is easy?

Being a parent is NOT easy. Parents generally are doing the best they can, but sometimes the best is not what their child needs. That is why when a child takes part in therapy for their needs a parent is a BIG part of the process.

Parent sessions will take place for children 11 and under every fourth session. During the parent session the child is not present, so that they are not negatively impacted by what is reported during this time. 

This session is for the parents to update the therapist about how their child is doing at home, school, etc. This generally means telling the therapist what is working, how therapy is going from their perspective, and what is not working. There might also be new developments that the therapist needs to be made aware of.

This session is also for the parents to discuss their parenting techniques and strategies, to get input on what they would like to change, and for the therapist to give recommendations on new skills to try.

The therapist will give general updates on the child's progress, without jeopardizing the safety of the therapeutic relationship.

Children 12 and up are part of family sessions, at their discretion to have them.